First, I would like to apologize to all of my followers and readers for not providing you with recipes and stories to compliment the Christmas season. Two jobs and household projects interfered with my writing and cooking opportunities. 

Last week, I was talking with one of my customers named Nancy, as she was relaying a story of emptying the contents of her Florida condominium. I then began to tell her how my 13th anniversary of moving to Nashville would occur on December 26 and how I was still holding on to a few items I could not bear to part with. 

Growing up, Mama had what I would call a utility table. I don't know the origin of it as I believe it was made rather than purchased. It has a white, formica-type of top with a wood bottom painted black and it's legs are of metal. She kept this table in what she called 'the Rosie room"; an garage that had been enclosed where many tasks centric to our household occurred. The laundry room was a separate space within the Rosie room. In addition to laundry, she used the Rosie room to sew, quilt, and put up vegetables, This table was an important piece of almost every task that occurred in the Rosie room. Many times I remember her sitting down at this table to fold clothes. 

Upon leaving Lakeland, this table is one of the items I wanted to keep. I did not have enough extra space in my apartment or in my home to use it so It has either been in storage or in my shed behind my house for the last 13 years. 

My home is under 1000 square feet and does not lend itself to being big enough to throw huge dinner parties. A number of years ago, I purchased an inexpensive dining room set and rarely use it for dining purposes. It has recently showed signs of scratching to the point that one would be able to see it is not of high quality. My conversation with Nancy helped me decide that the table from the Rosie room would take its place.

Left to right, Callie Mae & Banjo

Left to right, Callie Mae & Banjo

This morning I pulled the utility table out of the shed and cleaned it thoroughly. I brought it inside and placed it where an inexpensive dining room table was taking space. I covered it with a tablecloth and Voila!  However, it seems my cats Banjo & Callie Mae have decided to use it for their purposes.

Cats 1...Lawson 0

Cats 1...Lawson 0 looks like this table is the new playground for the cats. I could not even get this blog post written before this happened.