Cuban Style Chicken Soup

Cuban Style Chicken Soup

The times we live in are busy. Most all of us have a lot on our plate between home, work, family, activities, church, children, etc.  Restaurants stay busy because people don't think they have time to cook or are not comfortable in the kitchen. However, there are some important reasons to cook at home:

1. Cooking at home allows you to completely control what you and your family eat. You are choosing the ingredients and method of preparation. This allows for those of us who want to eat healthy to do so.

     a. Cooking at home gives me the chance to have food to take for my lunch. I work in an area heavily populated with retail shopping and there are not many options that I would consider "reasonably-priced". Not only do I control the quantity of what I'm eating, the quality of the food prepared, but I am also saving money.

2. Cooking at home allows for families to eat together. Stories from the day can be shared and a foundation is set for future memories and experiences that revolve around food.

3. If you are cooking for more than just yourself, you're making someone happy. I can't imagine anyone not being pleased at the idea of coming home to a home-cooked meal.

4. People will remember you. See #2

5. If you have children at home, they are probably more likely to grow up wanting to learn how to cook and preparing their own foods at home versus dining out. See # 2 , 3 and 4.