Peeler Park - Madison, Tennessee

When I host luncheons, I usually have everyone gather by 11:00 AM. This time I decided to allow myself a leisurely morning with a 2:00 PM start time. I started with a walk at my favorite local greenway, Peeler Park. Being an early riser, I was on the path by 7:00 AM. I was hoping for about a two hour walk but a minor rainstorm (more importantly, no waterproof protection for my iPhone on hand) rendered me down to about 85 minutes. Going forward, i'm going to have a ziploc back in my pocket at all times! Above are pictures from a sunny day at Peeler Park.

My last post offered a preview of the day with a recipe for Big Fat Bacon Sliders. I decided to add ground pork to the mixture and it was delicious! In the past I've added sausage to ground beef so I knew the ability to control the seasonings would be something I would appreciate. The proportion was one part beef to one-half pork. 

Potato Salad, Cole Slaw & Sliders/Hot Dogs

Potato Salad, Cole Slaw & Sliders/Hot Dogs

The remainder of the menu included hot dogs(which I pan-fried in my cast iron skillet), Mama's Cole Slaw, sweet tea and homemade pink lemonade. Sean brought a shrimp platter, my friend David provided the buns and friend Mark made Patti LaBelle's Potato Salad and Strawberry Delight from the Lee Brothers. He told me that he hoped we enjoyed the dessert because he was never planning to make it again. I honestly didn't read the entire recipe before sending it to him as the ingredients list was enough to know it would be enjoyable. Mark stated that it required more steps than he would have preferred. It was a great frozen treat and I would consider making it myself in the future.

I have never cared for the consistency of cole slaw, specifically the texture of the raw cabbage. Over the years, Mama would ask me about every other year, "How do you know if you don't like cole slaw? Have you ever tasted it?" I actually ate two slaw dogs on Monday and quite enjoyed it; knowing Mama was smiling and saying "Didn't I tell you it was good?" Here is the recipe for Mama's Cole Slaw. 

Mama's Cole Slaw

1 head cabbage, shredded (Mama used the cheese side of a box shredder)

Mayonnaise, to your preferred consistency

ΒΌ cup Sweet Pickle relish

Fresh ground black pepper, to taste

Salt, to taste

Mix all ingredients until well combined.  Just before serving, add enough salt to taste.

With plenty of leftovers in the refrigerator, and dining out last night at one of Nashville's premiere steakhouses, I have plenty of food for the rest of the week! I think it's time to get the bicycle out to burn some additional calories that walking isn't offering me.