I need to make a confession to you, dear Reader. Since I began testing recipes this past June, I've put on about ten pounds. When the test subjects include fried chicken and biscuits, it's hard to throw them away after a few taste tests! I've got to come to grips with this and make a plan to get some weight off. The being said...

Mama made delicious chicken salad.  It was the kind of thing she made to take to work to share with coworkers. It was also made for any occasion, such as a beach trip, where people want something to snack on. She used the meat grinder for her Kitchen Aid mixer to grind it to a consistency of almost nothing. When mixed, it is much like her Pimento Cheese in that it is a very smooth consistency. 

When I make chicken salad, I use my food processor instead of the meat grinder. I have her mixer and attachments but have never bothered to use the  grinder. I also use it to chop my celery. When boiling the hen, I take the celery tops(leaves) and add to the pot. I like the extra flavor it gives the chicken. To my mixture, I add two to three tablespoons of the broth from the hen. 

I'm currently enjoying some time away from work with a group of my coworkers this weekend. My contribution of Pimento Cheese and Chicken Salad have been well received! Here is Mama's recipe for Chicken Salad: 


1 hen, boiled, cooled and all meat removed

1 quart jar mayonnaise  ( I use half this amount)

1 bunch celery, chopped fine

2 - 8 oz jars sweet pickle relish ( great with homemade sweet pickles) 

lots of black pepper

Run chicken through a meat grinder attachment of a mixer or use food processor to chop very fine. Mix this with all ingredients in bowl of mixer until mixed well, about 5 -7 minutes, varying speed between low and medium.